segunda-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2011

Magical Fingers

Uma música que traduz muito do hoje, do meu amigo talentosíssimo, Mariano San Roman

As I feel like I'm lost in this world
I keep looking for help as it narrows
I watch the way as I go
And sometimes it's cleared by arrows
I can see them pointing away like magical fingers
Like a compass for those who don't know where to go
Should I believe what they show
Or should I ignore them and follow
I wonder who's on control
And where I might wake up tomorrow
I can see them showing the way like magical fingers
Guiding those who have the courage of following their hearts
Even if we try not to see
Even if we try to hide
They'll be by your side
Now you feel them tickling and pushing like magical fingers
But the road you take is up to you anyway
Even if you try not to see
Even if you try to hide
They'll be by your side

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